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Limits on calculation with set analysis

Hi all!

I've the following problem : in a document that loads a huge amount of data (the internal table with more data contains about 171.600.000 records) i have a pivot table with several expressions using set analysis. One of this expressions,for instance, is the following

sum({1<DailyKey={$(DailyKey1)},Negozio={$(StoresSelected)}>} Daily.VIS_TY) that sums the visitors taken from an excel file,but only for the stores and the set of days saved in variables. If the users run the analysis for 7-8 stores the result given by the expression is the correct one,otherwise using more stores it gives the wrong number and it is always the same indipendently by the number of stores saved in the variable. Instead if i create a text object with the following easier formula sum(Daily.VIS_TY) and then select the days i need and the stores i need,i obtain the correct number.It seems like there is a limit in calculation or something like that. Do you have any idea about how to solve this problem? Thanks,Roberto.

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Champion III
Champion III

Well, I've never heard of a limit, but that does SOUND like a possible limitation on the calculation itself. If it were me, I'd be trying to figure out exactly where it transitions from working to not working. For instance, are the variables a problem? What if you just list the values directly? Are the number of records a problem? What happens if you only load in 17 million? 17 thousand? You're looking for the thing or combination of things that cause the failure. It's possible it's something you've done, in which case you can fix it. Or you may find that it's a QlikView limitation, in which case you can report it as a bug.

All that said, I would question where these variables are coming from. If from a user, it seems to me it would be simpler to have them make selections instead of type in a variable. If from some other file or table, perhaps a workaround would be to have a button that actually selects those values, and put it above the chart that is supposed to be limited to those values. No need to resort to workarounds, of course, until you're certain it's not just a mistake somewhere.