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Line chart to compare two college years with more than 12 months

Hello all,

I have a dataset with college years and per college year the new students per date. New students can sign up for the new college year per september for the next college year.

So, for example i have for college year 2019/2020, new sign ups in the periode sept 2018 - dec 2019.

For college year 2017/2018 I have new sign ups in the period sept 2017 - dec 2018.

When I compare those two college years I have more than 12 months to compare. So I want more than 12 months on the x-axe.

In this example 14 months, but how can I tell QV that september and october are not the same as the other/second september and october??


Thanks in advance, Halmar

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Hello Halmar,

What was the solution? How can I compare the college month in this year vs the same college month in the previous year? I'm teaching online now and need to prepare my Qlik dataset for a new semester (starts in October). Should I use a calendar table with date || month || year and "set expression"?

Thank you,




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Are you not able to use MMM/YYYY?   this will differentiate Oct/2017 from Oct/2018