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Creator II
Creator II

Linear Line in Combo chart with 3mon and 12 mon(Like Trend Function in Excel)

Hi All,


I am trying to get forecast line in combo chart. getting wrong values by using below Qlik sense  formula and we should add 2 forecast lines 1 for 3 month period and 2nd one 12 month period like excel formula. =TREND($C$2:$C$4,$B$2:$B$4,B6) this is for 3month same like we are expecting 12 also.



marked as expected out put for 3 month period. we are looking for 12 months also.



Red color trend is calculated forecast below is formula. getting wrong values.

=LINEST_M(total aggr(IF(sum([Sales]),sum([Sales])),ID),ID)
* only(ID)
+ LINEST_B(total aggr(IF(sum([Sales]),sum([Sales])),ID),ID)


thanks in advance.

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