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Link Problem in Pivot Table


I am trying to provide a Hyperlink in Pivot table.

I am using the following Expression:

PCR & '<URL>' & 'http://someurl?CR_Number=' & PCR

According to this expression suppose PCR = 141 then it will direct me to the following URL:


Now, the problem is that PCR may have multiple values which separated by ','

For Example PCR = 245,246

Ideally If I click on 245...it should direct me to the following URL:


an If I click on 246...it should direct me to the following URL:


but at the moment if I click on either of the two numbers it is directing me to the following URL:

http://someurl?CR_Number=245,246 (This URL does not exist)

NOTE: We may have more than two numbers.

Kindly help me out yo adress this problem.

Thanks & Regards


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Contributor III
Contributor III

What is PCR? A field? A variable?

I URL an expression, a dimension?

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PCR is a Field

URL is an Expression

Please let me know if you need anymore Information

Contributor III
Contributor III

for URL try to use a variable (v_PCR) instead of field PCR, and link that variable to the field.But when you don't have anything selected it won't show anything.

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Thanks for your reply adrian..

But could you explain it a little further??

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

I wouldn't say it's about Fields vs. Variables... The problem, as I see it, is because the field PCR can hold multiple values, separated by comma. If you could separate the values in your load script, it would be the best. You can use function subfield() to do it.

If you can't, the only compromise I can see is to always link to the first value, using the same function subfield():


Another compromise - you could also have a variable where the user would decide what element to link to , and replace "1" with the variable? Not very elegant, but does the job...