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List Box and Straight table


I have in application a List Box where the user can check columns that they want to see and Chart (Straight Table) where the selected columns are shown.
This works with "Enable Conditional" ticked and the following code 

=substringcount ('|'& GetFieldSelections(Dim_, '|', 100)&'|','Test_Result')

Dim_ is the name where Test_Result checkbox is.

The issues is that I also have check box named 'Test Result Status' . Currently the underscore in Test Result is the solution, because, if I remove it ( _ ), as I check "Test Result Status" it would show both of the columns.

So my question is - Is it possible to have this code part that states I wish to see exact match? So I can use such codes and would see one column when ticked: 

=substringcount ('|'& GetFieldSelections(Dim_, '|', 100)&'|','Test Result')
=substringcount ('|'& GetFieldSelections(Dim_, '|', 100)&'|','Test Result Status')


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How about putting pipes around your second strings, so;

=substringcount ('|'& GetFieldSelections(Dim_, '|', 100)&'|','|Test Result|')

=substringcount ('|'& GetFieldSelections(Dim_, '|', 100)&'|','|Test Result Status|')



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Support (Former)

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