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Loading multiple Excel files from SharePoint

Hi All,

I am trying to load multiple excel files from SharePoint using FileList but didn't get through could you please suggest how can i load all the excel files from sharepoint,or please suggest if any workaround for this.

Please find the below code which i am using to read the files


for Each file in FileList('https:\\SharePointlink\*.xlsx');


  FileName('$(file)') as DocName



(ooxml, embedded labels, table is Raw);

NEXT file

Thanks & Regards


6 Replies
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what type of error you are getting?

Please check the user account have the read access on the share point site ?

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Hi Dathu,

Thanks for the reply,

I didnt get any error and i have full access to Sharepoint but the above script fail load the files



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Its look very wired. There is no data in thq qvw after reload ?

The work around is try to download all the files into Network drive or any folder and then initiate the reload from drive or folder.

Mean time I can test this use case from my share point site and let you know



As far as I know, the http and https protocols do not support file iteration using wildcard loads or FileList() loops. For loading data with ese protocols you will need to explicitly name the files.

Can you access these documents via a network shared drive instead? This is the only workaround I can suggest.



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Creator II
Creator II

hi all,

 i have the same scenario- loading multiple files or most recent file from a folder in sharepoint...any one please

i followed the one mentioned by Jonathan but it is not working

Creator II
Creator II

hi all

anyone ..any help with the loading all .csv files from a sharepoint folder