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Specialist II
Specialist II

Logic required RUN RATE

this is my run Rate logic=


(NUM(sum([Prd. Value]) / vCrore  if(GetFieldSelections(FMonth)=month(today())
and GetFieldSelections (YEAR) ='14-15' , Day(date(today()) ), ((count(Days)))),'#.##') )


and I want it to run it for current month and year only when I will select back month it should give me NOT APPLICABLE

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Master III
Master III

=If(GetFieldSelections(FMonth)<>month(today()) Or and GetFieldSelections (YEAR) < Year(Today()),'NOT APPLICABLE',YOUR_RUN_RATE_EXPR)

Not applicable

Abhay, You can try like this:

if((GetFieldSelections(FMonth)=month(today()) and GetFieldSelections(YEAR) ='14-15'),

NUM((sum([Prd. Value]) / vCrore /count(Days)),0.00),'Not Applicable')