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Manipulating Numbers

Help!  I'm using QuickBooks Advanced Reporting and I'm trying to recreate reports that have been created and used in Excel for many years; reports that QuickBooks can't make. 

The Excel reports are quite detailed.  Many of the final numbers that are in the spreadsheets are General Ledger accounts that have been added, or subtracted from each other to create a new number that QuickBooks doesn't generate.  This is done over and over so your final number is something so far from the original.  Numbers are added together from different spreadsheets to final financial statements - they're so convoluted. 

I'm an extreme novice to QBAR and I'm not sure how to recreate this in QuickBooks Advanced Reporting.  What would the expression look like to add these numbers together?

Thank you in advance! 

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I don't really know QBAR, I only know it is based on the QV platform, with somewhat limited functionality.

Could you describe what you currently have, i.e. have you access to the script section and if so, how does it look right now?

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I'm sorry - I don't know what the "script section" is