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Mapping Multiple Columns to 1


I am mapping multiple columns, but I then want to merge the mapped columns to act as one e.g.

Department        Department 1

Biology              Microbiology

Graphics            Graphics

Business            Financial Accounting

Biology               Medicine

Business            Marketing

General Studies

I have to Map both columns and some fields in the first col are not usable for my final solution.


Mapping Load *inline[

Old, New

Graphics, Art

Business, Business Studies

map [Department] using Mapping1;


Mapping Load *inline[

Old, New

Microbiology, Science

map [Department 1] using Mapping2;

I can't just use one map as I don't want both elements of Biology as Science.

However when I later on build tables and utilize filters, I would a filter to look like:


Business Studies


(and general studies not to be included)

Maybe some kind of merging the two columns together in some way?

2 Replies

You could create a composite in the mapping table for the same ...but

*In your table how you will identify the data e.g. Biology belongs to either Dep1 or Dep any indicator for this ?

*If you want to merge both then build a mapping table with Department tag like

Biology_Dep, Medicine

Biology_Dep1, Science

I am confused on your example , share a sample data set that would help us


Hi Avinash,

I've attached a file containing an example.

So essentially I have two different columns and want to rename the various fields using Mapping, however I cannot use just one of the department for one reason of the other and just want to filter by certain elements.

So open to suggestions to get the result I need.  Ultimately I want just 1 filter which shows me a list of the right department which I want to keep.

One other thing, the fields I have not mapped are field I do not need to see in my filter.  Is there a way to filter our that data?