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Creator II
Creator II

Mapping and Applymap

Good afternoon, I need help.

I have to do a mapping to add a column to a table and try it with a left join adding a Distinct, but it modifies my number of records.

The other option is an applymap to add the column Clave_Suc_Direccion but I can not relate these two tables in the applymap since the names of the columns are different.

This is my mapping:




Pto_vta_Sucursal_ID as Cve_Suc,



Transformation \ Dim \ Suc_Pto_vta.qvd


This is my applymap:

ApplyMap ('Map_Cve_Suc_Direction', Cve_Suc, 'N / A') as Clave_Suc_Direccion

Is there any way I can accept an alias?

the relationship must be the data in the column Pto_vta_Sucursal_ID with the column Cve_Suc.

In the image there are the two tables that have to be related.

The column must be inside the Cat_Almacenes


Can somebody help me?

2 Replies

What if you do something like below?

ApplyMap ('Map_Cve_Suc_Direction', Pto_vta_Sucursal_ID, 'N / A') as Clave_Suc_Direccion

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The names of the fields in the mapping table do not matter.  The only things that matter is the load order of the mapping table fields (1st field is the matching field and the second is the one that is brought in to the destination) and the format of the fields must be the same.  The Cve_Suc is the field in the destination table to link with.