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Mapping of Masters Table in one dashboard which having two data model

Hello All,


I have two data models in one dashboard, User requirement is to selection applied at any sheet the master tables in overall dashboard should reflect.


For ex :- Data Model 1 has its own master table with Plant1, Vendor1 & Material1 Fliter

                 Data Model 2 has its own master table with Plant2, Vendor2 & Material2 Fliter


How I can map Data Model 2 Master tables Plant/Vendor/Material So on click event of Master table (Plant1, Vendor1 & Material1 Fliter) the data model 2 should also gets filtered out


In short merging of same Master tables and applied selection should work in presentation layer

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Partner - Master III
Partner - Master III

You can use Field Event triggers to do so.
but if dimensions are essentially same unify the data model. that would be the best design