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Master Calendar - Reference Day

Hi Guys,

I have been studying a few codes for creating a master calendar.

Could you please help me develop this logic, not sure if it is complex or not...


14/05/2017 Sunday was Mother's Day (holiday). There was a peak of sells in the previous day, Saturday - 13/05/2017.

I need to set this variable (it can be manually) on my script and then make it a reference and create a calendar from this reference date.


Create a table with the weeks:

Interval is always Sunday - Saturday (Peak Day)

(...)Rest of the year(...)

(...) - Peak Week -4

(...) - Peak Week -3

(...) - Peak Week -2

1/05/2017 - 6/05/2017 - Peak Week -1

7/05/2017-13/05/2017 - Peak Week

14/05/2017 - 20/05/2017 - Peak Week +1

(...) - Peak Week +2

(...) - Peak Week +4

(...) - Peak Week +3

(...)Rest of the year(...)

Create a table with Saturdays:

(...)Rest of the year(...)

6 - Saturday Peak -1

13 - Saturday Peak

20  - Saturday Peak -1

(...)Rest of the year(...)

Do you have any idea or heard someone that needed to do the same for Seasonality Analysis?


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