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Missing records in aggregated rank table despite set expressions

Hello all,

In the context of my first posts I bring possibly a hard nut to crack with me. . .

I have 2 tables : one which displays my order data (key figures: quantity & sales | dimensions: article number, article description & department) at the most granular level for each store.

As well as one that aggregates my key figures for the same dimensions for each region (region = superset of multiple stores).

I am faced with the problem that if I select a store, despite set expressions ("ignore selections on store field") in my region level table the result set of records is reduced by that ones which are not part of the selected store. In other words: I want to see the entire set of records of a selected region disregarding a selection on the store field, but excluded records of a selected store are also in my region table excluded.

The expressions for the rank dimension is:     Aggr(Num(Rank(Sum( { $ < Region = {'$(vRegion)'}, Store = > } Quantity),4)), ArticleNo)

Quantity:     Sum( { $< Region = {'$(vRegion)'}, Store= >} Quantity)

Sales:            Sum( { $< Region = {'$(vRegion)'}, Store= >} Sales)

The calculations for each record is correct which means the set expression is doing its work regarding the calculation.

But I want to see the whole set for each region disregarding store selections....


What is the root cause for this problem and how can I fix it?







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