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Modify Context Menu Ajax

Hi all, is there a way to modify the ajax context menu in order to add new actions?

I know about Document Extensions, but I don't know how to catch the OnOpenContextMenu event (or something like this, I don't know the exact event name)  and to add new voices.

If this is not the best practice, can you please help me to find the best way to do this?

Thanks a lot

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See this document: Document Extension Solution to hide buttons on the AJAX toolbar...and anything else

Note, this will make your Qlikview environment unsupported. Make backups of any files before you change them.

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Hi Gysbert, thanks a lot for your reply.

I've already read the post you suggested but the attached script only hides/shows elementes but it doesn't add any new action to the context menu. I woul like to add some capabilities in the context menu in order, for example, to select and copy values form the tables / charts, According to QlikView, the user cannot select/copy any value from the page in the access point ajax view and this is a very big limitation.

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Hi all,

any news about the possibility to customize che context menu in web access portal?

Thanks a lot