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Modify Timestamp in Example: Files for creation of a Gannt Chart

Regrading to the great example form Henric Conström : Files for creation of a Gannt Chart - unfortunately I was not able to comment this example.

Does anyone know who I can change the code, if the format for the date is for example Sep 15 2015 10:23:10.345.678 (Month Day Year hh:mm:ss:ff)

I'm not able to get the right timeline in the Chart. The format in the example ist yyyy-mm-dd.

It would be great, if someone has an idea to do this.

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If you want to change your date to YYYY-MM-DD you can try this:

Date(Floor(TimeStampField), 'YYYY-MM-DD')

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i tested the following expresssion:

Let vtest = Date(Floor('Sep 12 2015 10:23:10.123.345'),'YYYY-MM-DD');

but I didn't get any result.

What I want to use the Date and the Timestamp for the timeline in the chart.


Are you giving the date manually or is it coming from a field. If it is manual, then try this:

Let vtest = Date(Floor(TimeStamp#('Sep 12 2015 10:23:10.123', 'MMM DD YYYY hh:mm:ss.fff')),'YYYY-MM-DD');

Not sure what the .345 at the end is? so just using till .123 here.



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i tried it again without any success

I got the date and Time with the following two format:

Sep 15 2015 10:23:10.345.678

15.09.2015 10:23:10.345.678

the timestamp is in the xml which I want to import.

I want to create a graph with the complete timestamp on x-axis, because the data is form more than one day. Because of this I need the date an the time with the milliseconds.

I have no ideas how i can do this. I have already tried your code, but i doesn't work.

I got no numerical Values on x-axis in the chart.