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Creator II
Creator II

Multi value Search Limitation

Hi Experts,

My users have the requirement to search multiple values in a list box to select the data. We recommended to search using Value1 or Value2 etc and it is working fine. Now the limitation is, they want to search more values but search option is not supporting. I believe it is considering around 175 characters only.

Is there any work around for this, please suggest.



2 Replies

please post a sample application and describe the issue (using an example) and your expected result.


Hi Raju,

If you have to search for a lot of values (how much?), i think that this isn't a work that they do only one time. It looks like a set of frequent data group.

I recommend that you give the customer one auxiliar xls file, with the capability of create many groups they like. For example, suposing that they want to search 35 customers. The xls would be:

customer   |   customer_group

1123131    |   A

2425233    |   A

2423543    |   B

So, you just read these xls, and you will have the groups. The user just need to select witch group needs. Just take in mind that customer field must be sinthetically equal to the field that the user needs to group.