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Multiple Selection Trigger, Issue with Strings containing Spaces

I am currently working on a file that requires listbox filtering using another listbox via triggers.

Occ is the controlling listbox and the listbox that needs to be modified is AllocValues.

     I works with singular values: Trigger, Select in Field, =Occ

     I works with multiple values that do not contain spaces:   Trigger, Select in Field, ='(' &Replace(GetFieldSelections(Occ),',','|') & ')'

but the issue is that any values within Occ that have a space do not make it over to the receiving listbox.

I tried ='("' &Replace(GetFieldSelections(Occ),',','"|"') & '")' to wrap each entry with "" but that didn't work as well.

Anyone have guidance for this issue? Can I do a replace or something to make the items that contain spaces get picked up?

Thanks in advance

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Using double quotes should work.

Your replace method introduces an additional space for all values but the the first, which seems not to bother QV when using values without a space, but containing a space.

This should correct for that:

='("' &Replace(GetFieldSelections(Occ),', ','"|"') & '")'

Check also attached.