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Contributor II
Contributor II

Multiple Selection in another list box through alternate state


I have two list boxes of same table. one is having alternate state and also have synced both the list boxes with a trigger(select in field - Getfieldselections). so it is working like if i select one field in listbox 1 then automatically listbox 2 same field will also get selected. So when i select multiple fields in listbox1 it is not working. listbox2 got rfreshed and none of the field would be selected. Is there any other solution to this like if i select MULTIPLE FIELDS in listbox1 automatically all same fields will get selected in listbox2.

thanks in Advance!!

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Since you are using Alternate state. there is in build trigger under Action >> Action Type (Selection) >> Copy State Contents

Contributor II
Contributor II

thanks for your  reply

I tried copy state contents it is taking all other list boxes(lets say some other list boxes with other fields) selection also and then reflecting data in listbox2 chart. i want only listbox1 selections to reflect in listbox2. all other list boxes(listbox3,listbox4) selection shouldn't affect chart linked with listbox2

is that possible to implement