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My own qvw file is not opening

Hi all,

I had been working with a dashboard in qliqview for almost three days, and i went through some hell to do all the tasks. although, it was a work of three days, it was actually worth more than a week. Now the issue is that the file is not being opened, and it is constantly giving the message that key length reached maximum. The qlikview version that i use is 9.00.7119.4. Its a personal edition. A quick and informative response will be appreciated.



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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Hi Syed,

Are you trying to load the QVW in another computer or with another user ?
Since you are using PDE, this is very relevant !

Action plan:
1. if you have a Qv license, try to open the QVW with a licensed QV.
2. If you don't, try to load the QVW in the same environment where you have developed everything.
3. if the previous environment is not available any more, upload the QVW file to http:\\ and download it in your new QV PDE environment

Good luck !

Sempre fi,