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NAMED CAL users are not able to see updated dashboard version where as DOC CAL users are able to see latest version of the dashboard. Why?

There are issues in qlikview where different users (based on the same filter selections) were seeing two different outputs in reporting . DOC CAL users were able to see the frequent dashboard updates. However named cal users were not able to until we remove the last document state from the access point of the document.

Can you throw some light on this weird Qlikview behavior sometimes?

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The difference wouldn't be due to the CAL type.  It sounds like the user's session was still active so they didn't get the new data yet (the QVW can be set to behave this way).  When the session state was removed this deactivated the session.

If you are sure this isn't a case of the session staying active and you can repeat the behaviour then I would recommend you contact QlikView Support.