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Navision connector to Qlikview

Hi everyone,

I have add experience connecting to a JDE database in the past, starting from a sample, replicating it to build my own little data WHS.

Now I'm trying to connect into a Navision system that my wife's company is using. Im trying to show how helpfull it can be to have the right. Reporting tool!

Can anyone provide guidance on how to connect to their Navision database? (something inexpensive would be most appreciated)

Please let me know,

Thank you community in advance!

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Hi Sam,

There are a few facts that you must understand in order to determine when you

would use the NODBC driver with Microsoft Navision. First in order to use the

NODBC driver, you must have purchased the NODBC granule. Secondly, you

can connect to Microsoft Navision either through a server connection or through

a local connection. Regardless of the method you use to connect, the NODBC

driver uses a connection, as does each person who also uses a NODBC session.

Furthermore, if using a local connection you must remember that you can only

have one connection to the database file at a time. Please ensure that the local

license file (fin.flf) located in the client folder contains the NODBC granule