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Need Help Recreating Excel Pivot Table In Qlikview


I'm trying to recreate an Excel Pivot table in Qlikview as this is what the end users would like to see and I've thus far not been able to do so.  I've attached sample data along with what the end result needs to look like or as close as it can.  A few notes follow.


1.)  Favorability in the Excel data is an Excel calculated field and does not exist in the sample data, but is the most important field I need.

2.)  Some fields in the sample data have been scrambled - If needed to help with resolution, let me know if any need to be unscrambled and I will if I can, but I do not believe I've scrambled any critical fields.

For example, if you filter the attached sample data by project_id 11098, the pivot table should only show one row as 0 and thus so should the Qlikview pivot table.  Makes sense?

As always, any and all help is appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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