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Specialist III
Specialist III

Need Help on Transfer selection between listboxs

Hi Friends ,

I have a situation,

I have 5 different Year and Month Fields











Now i want when i select year month from any one of them it will make same selection in all the year month fields.

And I have 5 different charts, which are based on show hide condition of different field.

So for that case I have applied field event trigger to all like ,

A_Year     -------  Select in Field Triggers ------ 1: B_Year=GetFeildSelections(A_Year)  , 2: C_Year=GetFeildSelections(A_Year)  ,

                                                                  3: D_Year=GetFeildSelections(A_Year)  , 4: E_Year=GetFeildSelections(A_Year) 

A_Month   -------  Select in Field Triggers ------ 1: B_Year=GetFeildSelections(A_Month)  , 2: C_Year=GetFeildSelections(A_Month)  ,

                                                                  3: D_Year=GetFeildSelections(A_Month)  , 4: E_Year=GetFeildSelections(A_Month

B_Year     -------  Select in Field Triggers ------ 1: A_Year=GetFeildSelections(B_Year)  , 2: C_Year=GetFeildSelections(B_Year)  ,

                                                                  3: D_Year=GetFeildSelections(B_Year)  , 4: E_Year=GetFeildSelections(B_Year

B_Month   -------  Select in Field Triggers ------ 1: A_Year=GetFeildSelections(B_Month)  , 2: C_Year=GetFeildSelections(B_Month)  ,

                                                                  3: D_Year=GetFeildSelections(B_Month)  , 4: E_Year=GetFeildSelections(B_Month

C_Year     -------  Select in Field Triggers ------ 1: B_Year=GetFeildSelections(C_Year)  , 2: A_Year=GetFeildSelections(C_Year)  ,

                                                                  3: D_Year=GetFeildSelections(C_Year)  , 4: E_Year=GetFeildSelections(C_Year

C_Month   -------  Select in Field Triggers ------ 1: B_Year=GetFeildSelections(C_Month)  , 2: A_Year=GetFeildSelections(C_Month)  ,

                                                                  3: D_Year=GetFeildSelections(C_Month)  , 4: E_Year=GetFeildSelections(C_Month

D_Year     -------  Select in Field Triggers ------ 1: B_Year=GetFeildSelections(D_Year)  , 2: C_Year=GetFeildSelections(D_Year)  ,

                                                                  3: A_Year=GetFeildSelections(D_Year)  , 4: E_Year=GetFeildSelections(D_Year

D_Month   -------  Select in Field Triggers ------ 1: B_Year=GetFeildSelections(D_Month)  , 2: C_Year=GetFeildSelections(D_Month)  ,

                                                                  3: A_Year=GetFeildSelections(D_Month)  , 4: E_Year=GetFeildSelections(D_Month

E_Year     -------  Select in Field Triggers ------ 1: B_Year=GetFeildSelections(E_Year)  , 2: C_Year=GetFeildSelections(E_Year)  ,

                                                                  3: D_Year=GetFeildSelections(E_Year)  , 4: A_Year=GetFeildSelections(E_Year

E_Month   -------  Select in Field Triggers ------ 1: B_Year=GetFeildSelections(E_Month)  , 2: C_Year=GetFeildSelections(E_Month)  ,

                                                                  3: D_Year=GetFeildSelections(E_Month)  , 4: A_Year=GetFeildSelections(E_Month

After this i have plotted all 5 year month fields indivisual in a new sheet and check the selection , it is working fine .

But after making selection in my other field , on which my charts are hidden , then strange behaviour comming , any of the chart enable .

I am not able to understand,

I cannot attach my file , its size is 29 MB after reducing data .

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Specialist II
Specialist II


Can u share your Data

Master II
Master II

See this example

Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi friend ,

What is the difference

when i am using only


and you are using

= '(' & getfieldselections(A.NombrePais,'|') & ')'

Is this causing any error ?

Is because of this i am getting my error.



Hello Agnivesh,


Enrique's example takes into account the syntax for a multi-value chain when assigning a 'Select In Field' match.

It has to be in the following format: (alpha|beta|gamma|delta|”ep si lon”)

(keep single quotes out of this chain, wrap spaces in double quotes) 

Your default usage of GetFieldSelections() will be compatible with ‘Select in Field’ when you are selecting a single value in a field.

Once you select between 2-6 values at a time, GetFieldSelections() will return a comma-delimited chain which the ‘Select In Field’ trigger can’t parse (because of the syntax).


Switching the value_sep parameter to a ‘|’ pipe character and then wrapping each end in parenthesis will form valid multi-value chains for ‘Select In Field’


='(' & GetFieldSelections([Field A],'|') & ')'


Be cautious again, when you start selecting 6 or more values in a field.  The output of GetFieldSelections() switches to literally returning ‘x of y values’, 'not x of y values, or 'All'


If you want to use GetFieldSelections() to form a selection chain that is going to cover any combination of values from a field, the max_values parameter needs to be sized to match the number of distinct values in that field.


Specialist III
Specialist III


Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi Friend

Please find attached my application for which i have asked my question hare year and month fields are those for which i have asked question , please see triggers i have applied and here i have 4 containers which are hide and show based in tree hierarchy condition.

Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi Friend I have attached my sample application in above reply


Please see and try to solve my problem