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Need help with -- Garbage after expression


Can anyone, please, provide feedback about the cause of the error message, "Error: Garbage after expression...". The message appears in the text object placed on dashboard. I have attached the document for visual presentation of the issue.

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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

What's vMispolled?


Have you tried enclosing your variable values you want to concatenate in single quotes:

='$(vMispolled)' &' of ' & '$(vTotalStores)' & ' Stores, ' & num(($(vTotalStores)-$(vMispolled))/$(vTotalStores)*-1,'##0.00 %')

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Hi Swuehl,

I have tried every way possible.

Just for the record - $(vMispolled) is a declared variable. If I just use one of the declared variable that will just provide a '-' (hyphen). Using the complete expression throws the expression error.


Can you check the value of each variable and test your expression with hard coded numbers.

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I tried with the text formula in your word file and given numeric data both variables, shows information OK. I do NOT get the garbage after collection. Can you please post a screenshot of the VALUES for both variables?

You may want to try it this way (I tried it both ways and gave the same result, but just in case) --> ='$(vMispolled) of $(vTotalStores) Stores, ' & num($(vMispolled)-$(vMispolled)/$(vTotalStores)*-1,'##0.00 %')

By the way, I beleive you have your formula wrong. If you need to show how many Mispolled over TotalStores, your formula should be:

$(vTotalStores) - $(vMispolled)/$(vTotalStores)

Hope this helps!


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Hi Ruben,

I have tried that, but, still receiving the error. I will follow up after I try Collin's suggestions.

Thank you