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Contributor II
Contributor II

Need help with Section Access (value from multiple field)

I need your help about section access, I have data like this;


SKU       MODE           BRANCH
001        OFF                 8634
002        OFF                 8634
003        ON                  8000
004        ON                  8001
004        ON2               2005
005        ON2               2005


And I have section access like this;

USER        MODE        BRANCH
ALEX        ON                *
ALEX        OFF             8634
KIM           ON               *
KIM           ON2            *
MIKE        ON               *

What should to do next, create new field from MODE&'|'&BRANCH?

Because I've already created new field MODE&'|'&BRANCH? on Data Table and Section access table but It's not working.


Please help, I'm new here.


Many Thanks.


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To begin with you section access table seem to miss an ACCESS field to indicate if the user has ADMIN or USER level access.

If you create and MODE  '|' BRANCH field then you need to give it a name like MODE_AND_BRANCH. Then you need to include that both in your regular data model and in your section access table. 

However, since you're using * you need to think about that a bit. In a section access table * means all listed values in that field in the section access table. But if you combine fields you get values like 'OFF|*'. And 'OFF|*' is not * so it doesn't give access to any branch with OFF as MODE. You'll have to create entries for every branch with OFF mode in the section access table. Or create another table in your regular data model to link OFF|* to the branches

See this blog post for more information: https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-Design-Blog/Basics-for-complex-authorization/ba-p/1465872

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