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Need help with showing data in

The current issue that I am facing with QlikView is trying to show data in four different states based off one one filter. Here is a quick overview of the problem.

Each item has a "version number" and a start and end date for the version. Here is example data

ItemVersionStart DateEnd Date



I want to have four different tables that show the data in the following states based off of a date selection:

Active: The items and version number that are active on that date

Future: The first version of each item that will be active at any point after the selected date

Terminated: The last version of each item that will no longer be active ( All end dates for all versions are before the date selection)

All Versions: All items and versions no matter the selection

Here are some example outputs based off of a date selection with the top table in mind

* If there is an entry in the column it means that it would be a row in the corresponding table.

* I did not put a column for all versions because it would be the equivalent to the data in the top table

Selected DateActive ItemsFuture ItemsTerminated Items
1/1A1, B1C1
1/4A1, B2C1
1/10A3, C2B2

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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