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Need some help in deploying the qlikview document using QlikView OCX component

Hi All,

I need the some urgent help from those who is experienced in deploying the qlikview document inside the windows application using the qlikview OCX component.

Following help are required from those who are experienced:

1. Other than the document which is available here(C:\Program Files\QlikView\Documentation). Do you have any other document which can help us to deploy the qlikview application inside the windows application using qlikview ocx component.

2. There are many problems I am facing on how to get the DSN name,how to read the path from ini using qlikview.

3. How to deploy it in the customer place where there is no developer license available? For example In my system I have qlikview with developer license so I am able to open the document. But how the end user who don't have qlikview itself can open the qlikview document which is there inside the windows application and they don't have any license. Let me know how to embed the license while deploying and what kind of license is required so that end user can open the qlikview document.

4. If the lincense will embeded while deploying it at the end user place. How the reload will happen. Is it required that we need to install qlikview(PE or developer) has to be installed at the customer place?

There are so many other questions I have, will put it here when I get some time.

Hope some one can help me out.

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