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Contributor III
Contributor III

Nested - If condition issue

Hi Experts,

Am are facing issue in nested-if condition expression of pivot table, I don't have mapping table so am using Nested-if condition in expression based on KPI number, I have around 170 KPI's but for each KPI I have different calculation. So if I use If condition for each KPI, table loading time is taking much time and am facing object memory error also in expression we have some limitations for If-condition I belive.

I wrote all QV expressions in excel against KPI numbers so that I can pull expression column from excel and can be use in pivot table, but am facing issue in presenting all KPI's at a time in pivot table, if I select particular KPI then table shows expected result but if I donot select any KPI then for all KPI's values will be same, am not sure where I am getting wrong.

Request help here please.

Below is the expression I used in pivot table.

$(=only({<[KPI #]={$(=MinString([KPI #]))}>}_KPIexpression))

[KPI #] - KPI number used in excel

_KPIexpression - expressions written in excel for each KPI.

Please help me here.


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I think you are trying to use this with dollar sign expansion which is only evaluated once per chart... so, this isn't going to work in a pivot table where you might have different KPI # for different dimensions... besides doing this using the if statement, I think the only option you might have is to some pre-aggregate the data in the script.