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Nested Pie Chart - Different Colors in Each Dimension?


I want a "nested pie" in Qlikview, because it's closest to this "sunburst".

It's easy to add two dimensions to achieve this effect.

But my user could be confused when the color blue is used in both dimensions

For example, blue represents "Nate" but also represents "Apple" in this image:

nested pies.PNG


  1. Can I get the inner dimension, "Customer" to use one set of colors
  2. And outer dimension, "Product", to use a different set of colors?

For example:

pie cheating.PNG

Attached find Qlikview

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Partner - Creator

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The special Dimensionality() function seems  promising; specifically there is a difference between inner pies and outer pies' Tooltip.

But I don't think I can act on this difference (attached)dimensionality looks promising but doesnt produce the results i expect.png

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I was also toying with RowNo() and FieldIndex() but neither gives me the results I expect

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I also hoped the "Persistent Colors" checkbox (Colors tab) might be configurable, so I could choose a different palette for different dimensions (i.e. mutually exclusive palettes ensure they can't use a common color). But I don't think I can do anything beyond checking the "Persistent Colors" checkbox.

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi Nathaniel,

you have seen third party solution about Sunburst chart.

Qlik Branch

GitHub - countnazgul/ZoomableSunburst: Qlikview extension based on



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I hoped I could avoid extensions, but if I must use an extension, I prefer github-hosted, open-source, and d3!

Thanks, Ely.