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Contributor III
Contributor III

NetWorkDays - display per month without regard to the month selection

Hello ,

I would like to calculate an average value per working day from a filtered quantity of processed tasks (einheiten ) and display it as a diagram per month.

However, if I select the month of June as a selection field in the dashboard, for example, the formula "Month =" is not considered. So far so good. But how do I change the formula that it works with the "NetWorkDays" part - so the month selection is not taken into account. Only the selected one is shown to me here. 


vorgang_k='I'or vorgang_k='b' or vorgang_k='A' or vorgang_k='L','',
sum({$<Monat= , projekt_name= {"1401118*"},Linepool_Kategorie= {"L3 Umzüge / LW"} >}einheiten)

-sum({$<Monat= , vorgang_name={"*Wiedervorlage LS 3*","*Weiterleitung an EINS LS 3*"} >}einheiten)
NetWorkDays(monthstart([Eindeutiger Monat]),RangeMin(MonthEnd([Eindeutiger Monat]),Today()),



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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Hopefully one of the following may have what you need to help:


The other link I was going to add is at the bottom of the above post, so not going to clutter things up, have a look at this and see if that may get you what you needed.  


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