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Netsuite Connector

Has anyone made custom connection to Netsuite ?


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I installed the Netsuite ODBC driver and when i tried to connect Qlikview to Netsuite i get the fallowing Error message


Connection Test Failed

SQL##f - SqlState: IM004, ErrorCode: 0, ErrorMsg: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDLE_ENV failed"

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Be sure to have checked the "Force 32 Bit".

Hoping it will help you


Yes, we connected our NetSuite data to Qlik using saved searches and restlets. We use a tool called Tactical Connect.

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We have worked with our customers who use NetSuite and Qlik and built a NetSuite connector for Qlik Sense to take advantage of not only NetSuite but Open Air if you happen to use this module as well. Feel free to download it and try it out: Crunch Data

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Josh,

Thanks for your response. I'd like to know how your experience has been thus far...

Contemplating proposing this tool to mgmt however attempting to build a pros and cons list before I do

If it applies to you:

  • How do you like the tool so far?
  • Do you need additional QV licenses for NS dashboard view?
  • Was it easy/quick to implement?
  • How easy is it to modify and update the dashboard...
  • How easy is it to restrict access?
  • Any lag time?
  • Any limitations to accessing or calculating data points from 5+ years?

Any feedback would be very helpful.

Thanks again!


Hi Mona,

Tactical Connect (developed by us) is the only connector that Qlik recommends and uses themself for full automation between NetSuite and Qlik. We went through rigorous testing standards and process to have Qlik certify our connector. Check out our website - happy to provide a demo:

To answer some of your questions:

1. The connector self implements in about 2-3 minutes (no implementation fees)

2. You won't need any additional QV or NS licenses.

3. There are no training or support fees. Typical training takes 30 minutes - very easy to use.

4. You can restrict access in a number of ways.

5. The data transmits through the REST API's, so speed is fast.

6. No limitations on historical data.

Shoot me an e-mail for a demo: 

Contributor II
Contributor II

Yes, we solved such problem via Skyvia online platform. It allows you to create a Netsuite to Qlik sense integration ( through database or cloud data warehouse without any coding.