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Hi to All,

If i dont have ODBC drivers where can i get that drivers even the drivers are not available in desktop also.

pls help me



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Partner - Champion III

ODBC and OLEDB-Drivers come with the data source (MS Office, RDBMS, applications etc.), NOT with QlikView.

To which data source do you want to connect?


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Dear Peter,

Thanks for your reply

I want to connect Oracle,sql server

And one more doubt ---> by using ODBC & OLEDB which databases are connect

please help me


Creator II
Creator II

If you are going to connect ODBC 1st you have to create one local DSN in your PC then you can connect any database directly.

But in OLEDB basically its a database so can connect any databases directly.

So make sure before going to connect ODBC\OLEBD.

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Partner - Champion III

Oracle distributes an OLEDB/ODBC driver for its DBMS that is tied to the version of Oracle you want to access. Once you know the version number of the Oracle RDBMS, search the Oracle web site for downloadable packages. You may have to register and log in to download the drivers. Moreover, Oracle uses an antiquated installer that may force you into doing some magic to get it working. Google will be your friend.

For SQL Server (2005 up until 2012) there is a separate package containing the Native Client, OLEDB and ODBC drivers. This package is part of the SQL Server 2012 SP2 Feature pack and it's called "Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 SP2 Native Client". There are x86 and x64 versions available and they are free to download. Do a Google search for the text in bold, and you'll get a download link pointing to the Microsoft site.



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Partner - Specialist III


If you want to connect with Oracle, you first need to ask the database guys for the connections detail and password.

Once you've been give the details, then search for tnsname.ora on your server. Enter the information you've been given there and save the file.

Then search for ODBC data source administrator then fill in the information and password.It's only after this has been done that you can connect qlikview to Oracle.


In general terms, you need to have drivers installed that are compatible with your data source. Your data base administrator is the best resource to ask for what drivers to use. The same person can also guide you on what connection details and credentials you need to use.

From my experience I would say that you should connect with OLEDB instead of ODBC if possible. You also need different drivers for different server brands, so for example different drivers fro Microsoft and Oracle.

If you know the database server version you can probably also find suitable drivers by searching the Internet.

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Specialist III

Hi Chandra,

Download from their respective websites and install them.


Rajesh Vaswani