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OnOpen Trigger

I have an application that uses an OnOpen trigger to pre-select filters.  The application functions as I expect when I’m using the Desktop client, however, as soon as I put the application on the  Access Point to test before delivery to the client, the Application does not recognize the OnOpen triggers. 

I have been using Document Properties > Triggers > OnOpen

Have anyone seen, or heard of this before?  I have a suspicion it may have to do with AJAX.  Any help would be much appreciated. 

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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

Hi there,

I have certainly used this method of applying filters when a user opens the document in Access Point in the past.  What version of QlikView Server are you running?

- Steve

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for responding!  We're using the latest QV Server release. 

Upon some further investigation, it seems like this may be in part due to AJAX. We would consider IE plugin, which bypasses AJAX, but unfortunately that can not be our long term solution. 

If you have any helpful suggestions for implementation, it would be much appreciated. 

Thanks again!

Creator II
Creator II

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If it only happens in AJAX, perhaps there is a conflict with "Session recovery". Make sure it is not active (in QMC  >  System > setup > 'your QlikView server' > Document),

Because Session recovery will set the application to start in the last known state.