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OnOpen actions

Just noticed a strange behaviour by opening a qvw. By calling it directly from the explorer or within the start-window from the desktop client or from the access point OnOpen actions are executed - but by opening from a hyperlink-expression within a table the OnOpen actions are ignored.

Could someone shed some light what might be the technically difference between the methods? A slightly different order in which things are performed? Or any security aspect - like using opening-links is executed in a safe-mode (like pressing the shift-key by opening a qvw)? Anything else which I wasn't aware yet?

- Marcus

3 Replies

Anybody? Any hints or ideas?

- Marcus


Hello Marcus,

Are you using the plugin in the browser or ajax? On which Qlikview version are you testing?


Best regards 



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It relates to the desktop client and not to the web-clients.

I just created a support case for this issue.

- Marcus