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Optimised load

Hi experts ,

I have one application which took 45 min to reload .I have optimised app but still I feel it can be optimised more and reduce application reload time less.Please suggest me is there any chance to optimised the application.




3 Replies

Look here for ways to do optimized qvd loads


Specialist II
Specialist II

You can replace most of your left joins with mapping.

Didn't call all the mapping tables here in the example but you call them at their appropriate places and check if the load time gets reduced. I am sure still there is room for more optimization.

Specialist II
Specialist II


Script Level:

* Hold the synthetic keys to a minimum. Remove unnecessary links and joins tables explicitly in the script.

* If a reloads takes a great deal of time, use a binary load of static historical data.

* Drop tables from memory in the script once they have fulfilled their role.

* Use the AutoNumber() function to create a compact memory representation when using a complex composite key.

UI Level (layout):

* The memory used by objects and calculation times can be maintained in the sheets tab of the document properties. A good way to find bottlenecks in the application.

* Minimized charts do not take up memory. Uses the auto minimize option with charts that do not need be displayed at the same time.

* Force the user to make a selection before a large chart is displayed to reduce chart calculation times.

* Use appropriate messages while charts are being calculated.

* Avoid long expression with multiple string comparisons.

* Avoiding showing frequencies in Listboxes where not necessary.