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Creator II
Creator II

Oracle char date inQlikview

Dear how can I convert the Oracle Cahr date to qlikview data I have the below format:

02-JAN-2017 14:00:00

any idea ,

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Simple Date function will work in Qlikview. To_Char() is the Data base function. Here can you tell me which format you want to see

Date(FieldName, 'DD-MM-YYYY')

This will give as per your date -- 02-01-2017

Check the follow


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Champion II
Champion II

use  to_date() in your SQL statement

Oracle TO_DATE: See Oracle TO_DATE () Function from ETL perspective !!

or in Qlikview Load statement try as below

DATE(DATE#('02-JAN-2017 14:00:00','DD-MMM-YYYY hh:mm:ss'),'TheFormatYouWantToStoreAs') as DATEField


At the Oracle side, if you have an Oracle char field

select to_date( '02-JAN-2017 14:00:00', 'DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS',  'NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE = American' )

from dual

replace '02-JAN-2017 14:00:00' with your field

and dual with your table

maybe you don't need the third parameter, NLS_DATE.....