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Out of Virtual and/or Logical memoory allocating 2MB


I got the below error on my local machine for the Qlikview files whose size is more.  The same qlikview file I able to open in the server.

I am able to open the qlikview files whose size is less.


"Out of Virtual and/or Logical memory allocating 2MB"

Please suggest..

Thanks in advance.

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QlikView can usually handle large volumes of data. In my experience, this error results from an inefficiency in your model, either the data structure or in an object. I would check:

  • data structure once the script has completed - is anything ambiguous?
  • invalid expressions, for example in a chart
  • a complicated or incorrect calculated dimension

Hope these ideas help.

Specialist III
Specialist III


Could be a data model issue.

Mostly joins are getting created that are forming a synthetic key and circular reference.

Do a limited load and check data model for any dotted lines.


Rajesh Vaswani


Dear Sir,

One of possible cause is when QlikView is installed on a 32-bits machine.  On 32-bit QlikView use a limited RAM per process even though more physical memory may be available. Using a 64-bit could solve the issue.

If you have a 32-bit PC, you could play by checking which object is taking a lot “memory” or “CalTime” by
1. Making a backup of your application
2. Opening your application in QlikView Desktop >> go to Settings>> Document Properties >> Sheets tab and in the list of objects, look at “memory” or “CalTime” for each object
3. Remove some objects taking “memory” or/and “CalTime”  and test again.

The issue could be related to complex expressions in chart object (use of complex IF condition, etc..)
Try to check the memory usage as well in Windows Task Manager>> Processes tab as you open your application and/or do some selections.

A recommended solution is to review use a 64-bit PC or try to review the model


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Thanks Josheph and Rajesh for your reply.