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Pagination for Straight Table

I have straight table chart in which i wanna show 10 rows and then apply pagination further to show remaining rows. How it can be implemented. Kindly help.Attached is the sample application in which I want to implement. !

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Hi Pankaj,

Can you elaborate your requirement, a bit understandable.

What do you want to show when you are clicking on next page?

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Hi Vishnu,

I want to display fix number of records lets say 10 on first page in Straight table. Then, on clicking next, it should display next records.

I tried to achieve it by following below link which suggest to use variables-button approach, but unfortunately it didn't work. Please help.

1.  YA(H)Q Blog: Paged charts in Qlikview

2. Paging Implementation for Straight table

Both these approach didn't worked for me.