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Partial load from VBS script


I want to develop a relationship that will allow users to add comments in three fields, the information in these fields will be stored in a table.

I used a macro to insert and another to update if users change their comments during the execution of this macro, Qlik recharge all data coming from different sources, while I wish the macro search one table

Are there a possibility to solve this problem.

Thank you

Best Regards

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I am pretty sure you can call partial reload in the vbs script?

Then just prefix your table with ADD LOAD

I've done similar where users need to load a local file, but maintain the data produced centrally.

They click on a button to load the action of which

1- sets v_partialreload =1

2- calls the macro to partialreload the document

Then in the load script we have the logic

if v_partialreload = 1 then

ADD LOAD * from xyz

exit script

end if

Load * from xyz;

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Thank you for your reply

I would like Script BVS launches partial load

I used ActiveDocument.Reload to reload the data,

On the other hand I wish that the execution window is not visible in the report

Tkank you


So use the ActiveDocument.PartialReload instead?

And to hide the window you can use the function ReloadEx ( ErrorMode , ProgressMode ) where ErrorMode=0 and ProgressMode=1.