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Passing Parameters from one Document to Another with Selection Criteria

Hi All,

We need to retain the selection criteria in the called document which has been set in the calling document.

Let say, I have selected Year 2016, Month Jan in the calling document, I need to have the same selections in the called document.

Need to know how we can achieve this; an example or a link would also help. Thanks in advance.


Sanjay QV

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With the Open QlikView Document action you can enable the Transfer State option to apply the current selections to the document you open with the action. But it's not bi-directional. If you make selections in the called document they won't be synced with the first document.

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Hey Sanjay,

When you set 'Action' on button to open another application, there are are 2 options:

1. Transfer State

2. Apply state on top of Current

You can choose one according to your requirement. This will carry your selections to your next application.

Hope this helps.

Master II
Master II

Please go thru the below link for more info:

Re: Chaining documents

There was a bug in prior to 11 SR5 (SR4 and earlier) that transition of state would fail after the second  movement.  So the ability to move back and forth between the documents as if it was one document and continue to carry your selections with you would fail.  In SR5 and SR6 things work fine you can move from document A to B make selections in B move back to A and the selections will continue to follow you.