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Pivot Chart calculation based on Filter selection

I have a requirement where i display a below pivot chart and a filter in QV report.

The column "No of units sold" in the chart depicts the total no of units sold irrespective of product type

Assume Sony had sold 4 tv, 5 mobile phones, 6 Camera, and 5 home theater during the month of jun 2018 in Asia. The count sums to 20 and is displayed in the pivot chart.

Now i have a requirement where if the user select "Television" from "Product Type" filter, then my pivot chart should automatically count only the no of television units sold in June 18, so the value should be displayed as 4 and not as 20 since the product Type filter is selected.

Please show us some pointers on how to implement the filter selection in the pivot chart.

  Product Filter

Product type
Mobile phones
Home Theater


Sales Report - Pivot chart

Time PeriodJun-18May-18Apr-18
RegionCompanyNo of units soldNo of units soldNo of units sold
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