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Pivot Table Totals

I have a pivot table that calculates MTD and YTD. The problem is that the expression total (for YTD) does not respond to selections. For example, when I select January the Grand totals for MTD and YTD are calculating correctly, but when I select a cost center, the MTD will adjust, but the YTD will be frozen. See screen shots below.

The YTD formula I am using is sum( {1<[CLMonthID] = {"<=$(vCLMonthID)"} >}  [CL B2017])

January Filter.PNG

January and Cost Center Filter.PNG

2 Replies
Contributor III
Contributor III

Try changing the formula into:

sum( {$<[CLMonthID] = {"<=$(vCLMonthID)"} >}  [CL B2017])


Why do you have 1 in your set expression?

Sum({1<[CLMonthID] = {"<=$(vCLMonthID)"}>}  [CL B2017])

May be try without it?

Sum({<[CLMonthID] = {"<=$(vCLMonthID)"}>}  [CL B2017])

or allow for selection selection in Cost Center

Sum({1<[CLMonthID] = {"<=$(vCLMonthID)"}, [Cost Center] = $::[Cost Center]>}  [CL B2017])