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Contributor II
Contributor II

Pivot Table add percentage close the count number for specific dimension

hi all,

I have a pivot table like this one:

Reason1 1611
Reason2 2712
Reason3 3813
Reason4 4914
Reason5 51015


and I would like to obtaine a pivot table like this second one:

Reason1 1 (1%)6 (6%)11 (11%)
Reason2 2 (2%)7 (7%)12 (12%)
Reason3 3 (3%)8 (8%)13 (13%)
Reason4 4 (4%)9 (9%)14 (14%)
Reason5 5 (5%)10 (10%)15 (15%)

The numbers in the table are arbitrary not real

In my app I have two dimension: REASON and TEC

and the expression COUNT(Order_Number)

Could you suggest me a solution. I'm new in QlikView and I still have so much to learn!


Thanks in advence


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Contributor II
Contributor II

I try  this expression without the dimension reason for every distinct reason:

=round(Count({<Cancellation_Order_Reason_Detail={'CAUSA DI FORZA MAGGIORE'}>}Cancellation_Order_Reason_Detail)/Count({<Macro_Tec-={'LTE'}>}Order_Number),0.01)*100&'% ('&Count({<Macro_Tec-={'LTE'}>}Order_Number)&')'

It works, but in this way I lost the dynamic list of reason dimension. So I can't use  this solution!

Can you suggest a solution without losing the dynamism of the REASON dimension list?