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Pivot Table with imported data


I have List Tables at hands (imported data). I would like to make a pivot table with four columns: portfolio, rev 2011, rev 2012, rev 2013. I choose these 4 fields as the 4 dimensions in the dimensions tab.

All I get is a single row single column table with the header 'portfolio'. I enclose the dimension tab as i filled it and the table pivot i get.

I fear this is because i should not have 4 dimensions here but only 1, portfolio. then other 3 fields are not 'dimensions' because they are not subcomponents of portfolio. is that correct ?

What is wrong ?

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it is better if you could attach the qvw file.

I suppose there are no expressions in your chart, and suppress missing and suppress zero values are marked. Could you try to add a simple expression, like 1, or unmark the suppressing options?


Try to attach a Sample