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Contributor II
Contributor II

Pivot table - sorting by expression and total of dimension


i want to sort in pivot table.

CalcDim1 and CalcDim2 are calculated Dimension.

Dim3 and Dim 4 are strings.

I want to sort like the following table:

1. Dim4 downsize with expression Measure 2 << it works great

2. Dim3 downsize with TOTALS of expression Measure 2 -  Dim4   <<< This does'nt work.  But I don't know why. I know, i have to use the expression of Measure 2 and maybe a aggr() ?  

Does anyone have an idea or know, if it is possible?

CalcDim1CalcDim2Dim3Dim4Measure 1Measure 2Measure3
1-ABC1-mmmMuellerTotal 16.954,0 
1-ABC1-mmmMueller123 10.000,0 
1-ABC1-mmmMueller1234 6.444,0 
1-ABC1-mmmMueller134 411,0 
1-ABC1-mmmMueller45678 54,0 
1-ABC1-mmmMueller46748 45,0 
1-ABC2-bbbBergTotal 14.591,6 
1-ABC2-bbbBerg867 12.974,0 
1-ABC2-bbbBerg345345 1.444,0 
1-ABC2-bbbBerg45674574 101,9 
1-ABC2-bbbBerg534534 42,0 
1-ABC2-bbbBerg42342 29,7 


kind regars


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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks for your answer. I found it already in the forum, but if try something like that it 'doesn't work. i don't know wrat is wrong.

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

I think it could become quite tricky especially if there are multiple sorting intended. Personally I would split the task and checking the sorting separately by a more/less reduced number of dimensions/expressions to ensure that each part alone worked like expected. After that combining the single parts step by step to find those combinations which seems to cause the issue.

Beside this using calculated dimensions may make things much more complex because their logic would need to be included within the sorting. Further it might be necessary to apply already a dynamic sorting within the aggr() itself and/or to use dual() as calculated dimension whereby the numeric part contains the wanted sorting.

Another potentially cause is the use of rowno() within your expressions because it disabled the sorting.

- Marcus