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Contributor III
Contributor III

Pivottables, dimensions, formulae, graphs

Hi All,

I have data which I calculated in the following table, each row is a formula sum(Claims)/sum(GEP).


PeriodLoss Ratio
Month 154.5
Month 255.7
Month 357.8
Month 457.9
Month 559.8
Month 658.7
Month 760.7

I would like to have calculated using the dimension Underwriting Year:


PeriodLoss Ratio UWY 2014Loss Ratio UWY 2015
Month 155.522.8
Month 256.723.7
Month 355.826.7
Month 458.930.5
Month 560.829.6
Month 659.755.5
Month 766.7


However, when I add the dimension, I calculates not the individual loss ratios per UWY. If I created a table for each UWY, I would use the formula sum({<UWY='2014'>}Claims)/sum({<UWY='2014'>}GEP).

But I would like to be able to creat a graph like this:

How would I do that? As I am not an English speaker, I am unsure what to look for in the forum.

Many thanks for your help and sorry, if this question has already been asked.

Best regards,


2 Replies

May be create like below

Dimension - Period

Label - ='Loss Ratio UWY' & Max(Year)-1

Expression 1 - sum({<UWY={'2014'}>}Claims)/sum({<UWY={'2014'}>}GEP)

Or This is for Dynamic


Label - ='Loss Ratio UWY' & Max(Year)

Expression 2 - sum({<UWY={'2014'}>}Claims)/sum({<UWY={'2014'}>}GEP)

Or This is for Dynamic


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Specialist III
Specialist III

If Year is a dimension, you can simply create a pivot chart with Year as column. And after trasform your pivot in graph.