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[Please Help] Problem with Set Analysis and Expression

Hi all,

I need your advise about set analysis and expression,

I do a PivotChart like this (This Chart have data on other days too [Mon. Tue,..] but I pick only Friday to ask you);


Actually I have 10 HUB on Friday but I use 'IF'on top the calculation

to pick up all value that I only interested in by %A [ IF(%A <=-0.1, calculate expression, Null()) ]

and Suppress Zero on Dimension. So It looks quite good now as above.

Then I need new expression to count %A column (Cnt), I use IF again [ IF(%A <=-0.1, 1 , Null()) ]


But in Total Level was not quite right (have to be 4)

I think that maybe from my IF condition that didn't not SUM just show 1.

So I need to advise with you guys that what should I have to do.

Ps1. It's Pivot Chart.

Ps2. Actually I can count total row by changing chart type to straight table but I need Partial Sum too not only Total SUM.

Thank you,

Pathompong B.

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