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Please answer for the Link Table

Hello All,

I have Below issue to be done.

I have multiple fact tables having different granularity of data,

Lets say Fact1 having date level data,(many facts available for the same)

Fact2 table having month level data( one fact or more)

Fact3 having year level data ( One have or more)

i have many dimensions,

Now my question is here i have only one Date Dimensions, how can i include this in the link else do i need to take three date tables to link individually to the facts?

Please help

Thanks in advance


Sreeharsha V

2 Replies

I think a master calendar could help you.

The Master Time Table

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Hello Ralf,

Thanks for the repose

I am using the master calender only, my question is do i need to use three date dimensions tables to link with the three types of granular level data