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Contributor II
Contributor II

Plot a chart calculating with last year max period value value


I have a weekly chart in which I need to show two years developemnt %. Now the current year weekly devlopment % is calculated against the last year max week values (all values are accumulated).

example if the last year max week is week 52 then all current year weekly development values will calculate against that.

This is a line chart so I need to ignore teh week filter.

However in the calculation I need to identify the last year max week sum value.

Here is the problem. This work fine without any period dimenstion but the moment I am using a period dimension like the Year or Week then it doesnot seems to be working. I tried with variable also.

So every time it need to look for the last year max period value and then plot the weekly chart for 2 years.

Can you please help me!

Many Thanks.

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Specialist II
Specialist II

It is hard to suggest anything without a sample file.