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Position of x-axis

I want to see my bar char like this.... is this possible in qlikview to view x-axis on right side of chart....... kindly see the attatch file  u will get the clear idea...plz

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I don't think your screenshot can be achieved with the standard chart objects. Combining the analysis for quantity and cost by item might be easier to read using a combo chart (Line/Bar) for the 2 expressions?

If you absolutely need to have your application look exactly the way your screenshot shows, then you could try putting 2 independent Bar Charts besides each other (overlapping) without caption and frames so that the 2 charts might look like 1 object?


Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist


There is one more work around. You can multiply Cost with -1 and use same format for numbers . See attached. 🙂

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thanks Ingo and Vijay.....

no this is not mandatory for me to get exactly the same graph i will manage it as per your recomandations. thanks both of u for intrest and advice...